Affordable pricing

As a small studio with not many overhead costs, we can offer you top quality services cheaper than any other studio!

Email us your needs and we will quote you within hour

Voice Overs

Play the examples below.

We use a TUL f47 studio microphone through a Focusrite ISA One pre amp for all our vocals.

One on One Video Lessons

Let’s set up a video call to solve whatever you need.

Proper equipment routing for your live performance, Ableton lessons, composition or lyrical elements… we can solve what you need.

Band Business

With over 15 years in the industry, Shen has created The Modern Rockstar Academy that teaches artists how to build their band as a brand. Running annual masterclasses in Africa, Dubai & Sweden, we are more than equipped to taylor make your organisation to streamline your music business.


What’s the best format for your business? A corporation, sole proprietorship, or as an individual? How to create professional brochures, business cards, proposals for management and venues, websites and electronic press kits. Anything and everything you need to know, we can help you make the right decisions. Hop online with a video call and lets talk!



Detailed 4 week build up to your single release

We have the perfect strategy to promote your release starting 4 weeks before the release date. Engage your audience and build following & interest with specific content. This includes IG videos, FB posts and streams, Spotify Pre-Save campaings, email subscribe widgits, bio, photoshoots…an extensive guide to all you need.

Studio Music Videos

Why not record a music video of you recording your song? 

After the recording is done, we recreate the setting and do a music video of you in studio ‘recording’ the song.

Online Streaming Tips

Let’s set up a video call to get you the best audio and video quality with your live streams.

The best way you can route your audio for your live performance and visual needs for streaming. The apps, the hardware, restreaming… 

Setting up your Ableton Live Performance

Every artist or band has different ways they use Ableton to perform, whether it’s cueing backing tracks or on the fly looping or a mix of DJing and performing live. Let us help you perfect your routing and streamline your live performance.

Request a video chat and lets make magic happen! 

About Shen

Shen Winberg 

After finishing a jazz performance degree from the University of Cape Town, Shen set off to start a band and has since performed in over 12 countries around the world. Delving into the production grew his love for producing other artists as well as himself. Now based in Sea Point, Cape Town, with his home studio, he records and produces for vairious artists around the globe. 

+27 (0) 82 465 0303

Recording Vocals?

We trust in our TUL F47 condenser studio mic, running into a Focusrite ISA One pre with Focusrite Scarlett audio interfaces.  

Recording Guitars?

We have a Fender Stratocaster. Cole Clark ‘Fat Lady’ acoustic guitar with amazing resonance. Godin ‘Inuk’ 13-string guitar for eastern sounds, and finally a Yamaha silent body SLG 200s.

Outsourcing To Us?

If you have your own studio but need a quick guitar rhythm track layed down with perfect timing and best quality, send the track to us and we send back a crisp stereo guitar track. Quick and easy!

The Software We Use?

Ableton Live 11 Suite with Max4Live. Waves Horizon Bundle and various other VSTs.

Us Producing You Remotely?

You send us stem files and mix-downs and we set up the project. We can send you stems back or an Ableton Live Pack. To be honest, whichever way works best for you!

Co-Producing Remotely?

We set up a Zoom call and either work on your project or ours via screen sharing and control permissions (so we can move your mouse) and use a software like AudioMovers so you can hear our master O/P directly or visa-versa.