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The World’s Children Prize Foundation in Sweden and South Africa extends our warm support to this SUSAN FORGIVES, the fundraising initiative in support of the recent acid attack on the first victim of an acid attack on a South African.
Sadly, the throwing of acid and petrol to deface women and children’s bodies has happened to numerous victims before this incident in Cape Town. Monira Rahman from Bangladesh is a laureate of The World’s Children’s Prize. Earlier this year, she was honoured in a Prize ceremony by Queen Silvia and an international gathering of children in Sweden, for her courageous struggle to put an end to acid and petrol attack victims in her home country. Monira founded the Acid Survivors Foundation in 1999, when attacks occurred on a daily basis in Bangladesh alone – and was not recognised as a human rights violation.
Monira and the The Acid Survivors Foundation help survivors live an active life with dignity by offering counselling, plastic surgery and a platform from which to end this form of abuse against woman.
You can find more information about the World’s Children’s Prize and the Acid Survivors Foundation at
The members of the band SHENFM all believe in music being a medium not only to lift your spirits, but to affect change in a real way. We produce a South African youth band usually from the townships that we send to perform at the World’s Children Prize Award Ceremony in Her Majesty, Queen Sylvia from Sweden’s castle in Mariefred, Sweden, every year. The child jazz band from the Delft township in Cape Town performed at the ceremony where Monira and her org, the Acid Survivors Foundation, was honoured earlier this year. You can find more info on
So as you can imagine, this matter is close to our hearts , and we are honoured to be a part of it and so pleased that SHENFM can help. Be a part of it and join us on Wednesday the 12th of October at Jade Lounge and show Susan that forgiveness is possible as compasison does exist in our beautiful country and we are willing to do what it takes to affect change

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