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October 10, 2011
Shen plays in Ireland, Dublin
October 2, 2011
Wake Up

When u wake up to this every morning it’s hard to b sad!

September 28, 2011
Across the Border – SHENFM opening for Prime Circle
September 26, 2011
6 gigs in 3 days
September 26, 2011
Blush of the Dawn by ShenFM – live at Trinity
September 26, 2011
Across the Border by ShenFM – live at Trinity
September 26, 2011
SHENFM has fun at trinity
September 26, 2011
Bascule nights soar!
September 23, 2011
Heading to Studio

Heading to the studio to do a Prime Circle ringtone but more importantly, collecting the master CD for my debut

September 7, 2011
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